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Journey Guide Lisbon



Lisbon is known as ‘City of the 7 hills. Atop one of them sits St. Jorge’s Castle with a breathtaking view over the capital.
To get an authentic feel of Lisbon, we suggest walking through the picturesque neighbourhoods like Graça, Alfama and Mouraria, where Fado (typical nostalgic Portuguese music) echoes in the streets.

  • Bus: Nº 37 (Praça da Figueira)
  • Tram: Nº 28E
After the 1755 earthquake, Marquês de Pombal ordered the reconstruction of the downtown area, Baixa, under the philosophy of “The Century of Enlightment”.

Although it was built 3 centuries ago, its urban planning, similarly to large European metropolis (e.g. Paris), has an everlasting design.

  • Bus: Nº 708 (Martim Moniz)
  • Metro: Green Line: Alameda Station (Exit - Baixa/Chiado)

Prior to Baixa Pombalina you’ll find Avenida da Liberdade, considered a historical landmark due to the Carnation Revolution ending Salazar's dictatorship in 1974 and symbolizing the path to freedom.

  • Bus: Nº 30 (Saldanha)
  • Metro: Green Line: Alameda Station (Exit - Baixa/Chiado)
    Blue Line: Baixa / Chiado Staion (Exit - Avenida or Marquês de Pombal)

Bairro Alto/ Chiado as the centre of the bohemian lifestyle where artists, poets and painters used to gather to exhibit their masterpieces. It is still perceived today as a vibrant cultural and artistic area, where one can visit several galleries and theatres.
The nightlife is also full of energy following the bohemian tradition.

 To get there you can make the unforgettable trip via Elevador da Glória, Elevador de Santa Justa, or Elevador da Bica

  • Lifts: Elevador da Glória; Elevador da Bica; Elevador de Santa Justa
  • Bus: Nº 790 (Príncipe Real) Nº 758 (Praça Luís Camões)
  • Tram: Nº 28E (Exit: Praça Luís de Camões)
  • Metro: Green Line: Alameda Station (Exit - Baixa/Chiado)

As you go along the river Tagus, why not indulge into the lively nightlife in Avenida 24 de Julho and Docas.

  • Bus: Nº 40
  • Metro: Green Line: Alameda Station (Exit - Cais do Sodré)
  • Tram: Nº 15E


Belém is an outstanding example of the Portuguese pioneer spirit.
During the Age of Discovery many ships (including the famous Vasco da Gama) sailed from here to unravel all corners of the world. You can visit places with a unique architecture like Mosteiro dos Jerónimos designed in Manuelino style or the contemporary cultural centre Centro Cultural de Belém.
After much walking and to revitalize your body and mind, try the delicious Pastéis de Belém (custard pastries), with a unique flavour whose recipe is a family secret.

  • Bus: Nº 56 (Rua da Junqueira)
  • Tram: Nº 15E

Just 15 minutes away from Hotel DAH you’re able to locate Parque das Nações, grounds for the 1998 World’s Exhibition. You can visit Vasco da Gama Tower, the Ocenarium for the little ones or even try your luck at Lisbon’s Casino.

  • Bus: Nº 708 (Saída – Oriente)
  • Metro: Red Line: Olaias Station (Exit – Gare do Oriente)

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